Photography by Cheryl - Cheryl McDonald

California Landscape and So Much More

I am a Native Californian who loves this state. The diversity of landscape, as well as the diversity of culture and history here, is astonishing to me. Exploration never ends.

As a trained artist in drawing and painting, I have learned the rules of making art. Composition, color, telling a story, and much more. I use these tools to create interesting photography as well. A camera is a tool just like a watercolor brush, it requires skill and intuition to create something beautiful and interesting. 

When I have a camera in my hands, everything changes. I slow down, I notice things I wouldn't see otherwise. I look for different ways to capture the ordinary and sometimes things change so quickly, the only way to capture the scene is to let my intuition take over so that I can capture the moment.

I invite you to take your time here. enjoy the view and if you find something you would enjoy owning please feel free to purchase it. You have many print options and framing choices as well. I am happy to help you make a decision if you like, just call me at 562.810.4076 or send me an email

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