Wines of California Shop and Wine Bar - Cheryl McDonald

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Wines of California Wine Shop and Wine Bar 2008-2009

An existing wine shop in the Pier 39 tourist center of San Francisco, CA hired me as the marketing/creative director to develop and generate print and internet marketing to promote wine and gift sales. This included a new website, email campaigns, a new print and web catalog with a shopping cart on the website.

When the wine bar location was built I created the logo, signage, menus and advertising for tourism publications. I took publicity photos for use in marketing campaigns and I also generated the floor plan layout for the patio seating for which I was able to use my interior design background to help implement.

I was instrumental in generating higher sales in gift products and wine for the wine shop as well as creating the identity for a new business that is still a popular Pier 39 attraction today.

Wines of California Wine Shop

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