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You had an idea what you wanted your business to look like,

but your just not an artist and can't seem to put things together

that make you look your best.

Cheryl McDonald Creative offers services that put it all together in a way that complements your style and attracts the customers you are looking for.

We offer:

Branding Strategies

Logo & Identity Design Branding is more than just a memorable image, It is the story that you tell about your company that creates a connection with the customers you want to attract. The fonts you use, the colors you choose, all of these things play into a successful branding campaign. Cheryl has training and experience in color theory and composition and how the emotional impact of color, shape, placement and style can affect mood. Our service includes a package of type fonts , colors, and style sheets to give you "the look" you want, to build a relationship with the customers you want to attract. Creating a brand strategy that covers all your advertising is key to getting your customers to remember you and your service.

Printed Collateral

Print is still important. Although most advertising these days is done online, businesses still need paper. Brochures, menus, postcards, rack cards, signage, vehicle wraps, even billboards. These are the tools that reinforce your brand across platforms. We design and take care of the printing and installation.

Online Collateral: Need a website?

Everyone in business needs an online presence these days. We specialize in creating websites that scale from cell phones to desktops that fit your needs and your budget.

Social Media Marketing:

You must be searchable and visible on a smartphone and choosing the right social media and apps to advertise on can be tricky. You don't need to be on them all, just the one or two where your customers hang out. We can help you make that decision and teach you how to schedule and keep up with a minimum time investment.

Want an Idea About Pricing?

Basic Price List for Graphic Design Services

Every component of your brand is carefully crafted for your business. I don’t use cookie cutter templates. I am here to make you look good!

For a Full Branding Package that meets your needs, let’s discuss.

Here is pricing for individual items that you may need.

Logos :

start at $379

Business Cards :

start at $59 plus printing

Brochures :

start at $149 plus printing

Postcards :

start at $49 plus printing

Rack Cards :

start at $99 plus printing

Flyers :

 start at $49 plus printing

For other printed items please ask for a quote.

Website :

 starts at $600 plus domain and server costs

For pricing of social media strategies, let's talk

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