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I was hired by the For The Child Foundation in Long Beach, California to work on special projects for them. Some of the projects I worked on included:

Fundraising events: I created custom themed decor, mailers (including invitations, envelopes for mailing and for donations), and memorabilia for donors to take home from the fundraising dinners.

A vehicle wrap for their mobile counseling center, 2013: Working with their team via email and skype, we created a vehicle wrap for a 35’ motorhome using the theme “A Wave of Words” which used graphic ocean waves created out of positive words of encouragement in multiple languages. This fit the Long Beach theme and was a positive force in the community. I created the actual layout for the panels in Adobe Illustrator that was sent to their local printer where it was printed and installed. I then created a promotional cutout that could be printed and then assembled to create little mini buses. These were used as fundraising tools for their annual dinner.

Wall Art for the Children’s Center (Kid’s Place) in the LA County, Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse downtown Long Beach 2013-2014: When the new courthouse was built, For the Child was given a location inside to become a playful and comfortable space for kids during court activities. The requirement for decorating the space placed on For the Child by the County was that the decorations had to be non-destructive. The walls were gray and could not be cheered up with paint so my job was to come up with a method to create a fun space for kids to play in. I came up with the idea of using wall peels, similar to vehicle wraps that could hold mural images, could be temporarily adhered to the walls with no damage to the infrastructure. I created these murals in Adobe Illustrator which were then sent to a local printer to print and install the pieces. In total there were 3 murals and a foam core sign board. The main mural was 22 feet long and was an illustration of the Long Beach bike path stretching from the pier to the Queen Mary. A secondary mural was a welcome to kid’s place illustration spanning over 9 feet. The third mural was actually 2 panels that adhered to glass panels between the main play area and the bathrooms.

Below are samples of the illustrations and photos of actual implementation.

FTC Mobile Counseling Vehicle Wrap


FTC Kid's Place Wall Art

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