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What to learn more about photography? I offer workshops and private lessons that help you learn about your camera and how to take good creative photos. 

On this page, I offer free tips and tricks that you can download. I also include links to my blog which goes more in depth than these cheat sheets. Please click on the link to download, and I hope you find them helpful. Email me for more information about upcoming workshops or if you would like a private lesson. 


10 Tips to Capture Your Best Vacation Photos Ever

Every year your vacation photos suck. The color is washed out, you thought you got everyone in the picture, oops, your second cousin Jim looked down just as you snapped the photo, or maybe you were amazed by the grandeur of that cathedral in France, all ten of them you visited. You tried to get the whole thing in and so it looks ¼” size and you ended up getting photobombed by a pigeon. And then on top of that, you took all the pictures on your phone and your phone died and now you don’t have anything but a distant memory of your best trip ever…

I am here to tell you that it can be different, you can get great trip photos with your phone and have those memories to share with all your friends and make your co-workers jealous. Here are 10 tips to help you get better pictures. 

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