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Here is  a way to stay informed and up to date on all the crazy and weird holidays throughout the year. I am creating a monthly desktop calendar wallpaper for your computer or laptop was will include all those special holidays embedded in a beautiful California Landscape Photograph from my archives. So not only will you be informed and entertained, you will have a new desktop image to look forward to every month! This is a free download and all you have to do is install it on your computer. It comes with directions for easy installation on both Mac and PC. This is my gift to you for being a fan and staying on my mailing list. I will send out a newsletter once a month which will not only include info about new work, events, etc., it will also include a link to download the latest months calendar page. Let's put some joy in our world everyday! Are you in?

And here is the link to the calendar wallpaper. If you need help installing, Just let me know.

By the way there are no cookies, malware or viruses embedded in this wallpaper. It really is just free fun.


June Calendar Page


May Calendar Page


April Calendar Page


March Calendar


February Calendar

February's Calendar


January Calendar Wallpaper

January's Calendar

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