Photography Services - Cheryl McDonald

It takes more than a cell phone or even a fancy camera

to get the kind of photos that can represent your business.

In every picture I take, I am looking to capture a piece of the story. Whether it’s a landscape, a personal photo shoot, a home for sale or an event.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell. And we create that story in our homes, our businesses, our personal style. It’s the way we relate to our world and each other.

That’s the story I want to tell. The story of a landscape or a freshly made pie. The story of a home and how it might transform your customers world.

Architectural and Garden Photography for Designers of Commercial and Residential Spaces

Commercial spaces like hotels, offices, restaurants

Photo documentation for large or small projects

Descriptions, advertising copy, and marketing services available

High-color photos are cropped to highlight details you want to highlight.

Package licensing available, model and property releases provided

Real Estate Photography

Staging for your listings is available

Lighting to enhance details

High resolution and web-size images for MLS

All images are color balanced, cropped to highlight details of the space, and perspective is corrected for accuracy.

HDR and panorama imagery is available

Licensing is included in the price, model and property releases provided

Food Photography

I bring lighting, background, additional props, to make your food offerings look fabulous. All Images are color balanced and cropped to impress. The style of your restaurant is an important aspect of how these photos are taken and prepared.

Head Shots and Company Identity Photography

Serious, Fun, Relaxed or However You Want People to Perceive Your Business

We set it up and take the shots. All images are color balanced, some air-brushing to make you look your best without looking fake is my goal.

Product and Art Photography

For print and online marketing, competitions, or exhibition entries

Custom Layouts, clean backgrounds, color corrected, light balanced, and cropped

Multiple views, detail closeups

Licensing included in the price

Event Photography for Big and Small Events

 Color corrected,  light balanced, and cropped

High resolution and web-ready images for your advertising needs

Model and property releases provided 

Licensing included in the price

Image Processing and Re-touching of Old or Damaged Photos Plus  Digital Art Creations

Repaired and color corrected

Collages of multiple images created for memory boards or books 

Photography Pricing

Every project is unique. It may need props, additional lighting, models, or special lenses. Therefore every job will be priced differently. I have a price for hourly of $75 with a 2-hour minimum, however, this is rarely the basis for a job. So please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

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